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          Bowed their heads and have the courage Look up to have bottom spirit

          Press time:2016-11-15

          What is life?Some people say that is bowed their heads and looked up.Careful thinking, this is succinct, incisive and deep.In fact, human life is spent in the bow and looked up, people's history is written by bow and looked up, the success or failure, the credit, the honour is between the bow and looked up, thus caused the differ in thousands ways of life, deduce the colors of the world.
            Looking up, bowed their heads and think.Life is a book, write the book is neither a draft, but not to write, it highlights the "think" and "look".Bowed their heads and think, it is planned for your life, self design.Look up, look is in your environment, draw lessons from others' experience and lessons, because "looking-glass self, gain and loss.Only lower the head to be deep and look up at the far, and make the tacit cooperation between them, combining closely, to write a brilliant chapter in life, realize the dream of success in life.
            Bowed their heads and cart, looked up.In the way of life, each person is like a car, to pull the car stability good, not only to bow their heads, their strength and strong, flow sweat, but also to look up into the road, because of the way of life in spite of the long, key points but only a few steps, these steps only, select the right target, go well, can not walk or little detours, not wrestling, not overturned, successfully reached the other side of life, climbing to the height.

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