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          Their choice of road, kneeling also to go out

          Press time:2016-11-15

            This is an essay about to resume, to find an internship, job postings.Some things, the sooner you know, it is won by half, draw experiences and lessons from the others, can let oneself walk less detours.Determine your altitude, is you for their own requirements, their choice of road, kneeling also to go out.In this world, don't worry about their efforts is not good, only worry about good people are harder than us.
            The first part: some things, the sooner you know, is half won
            (a) internship - if you're not sure you can run faster than others, then run earlier than others
            1, do your resume
            2, resume
            3, interview - it is a conscience
            (2) to find a job - if you can't stand alone, don't chase the dream
            About the group of the recommendations, principle
            The second part: to determine your height - are you on your request
            (a) looking for a job how to prepare?
            (2) an internship, you cut class?
            (3) I don't like my major, how to do?
            (4) I have been very hard to learn English, but why still no progress?

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