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          Easily farewell pre-exam nerves decompression method

          Press time:2016-11-15

            Before the exam, feel the pressure, this is inevitable.China education online remind examinee, pay attention to the psychological adjustment before, if you take science exam strategies, can achieve ideal results.Here are 15 kinds of stress relief method, hopes to be helpful to the examinee to exclude pre-exam nerves!
            1. Read a book.The ancients said: "abdomen has fuhai gas from China."When you meet troubles, sad and unhappy, should first learn to self relief, to read or double your favorite books and magazines, dispersed state of mind, change the state of mind, calm mood, reduce mental distress.

            2. Listening to music.Music therapy is an effective method for the treatment of mental illness.When depressed, unhappy, open the phone, listen to the song, you can enjoy not only a kind of art of beauty, but also can edify sentiment, inspire enthusiasm, excitement, brain allows you to gain the strength and courage to live.

            3. Sense of humor.Smile is the lubricant of mental health, it is beneficial to drive away the worry, eliminate mental fatigue.Therefore, in the mood of anxiety, might as well to humor, find some jokes and laugh solution thousand sorrow.

            4. The flowers.Flowers are open the window to the soul, the good method of psychological "massage".If upset, go to the balcony to see flower, water, adjust the mood;At the same time also can walk in the garden, with flowers, the view its thousand posture bloom, its ray of fragrance, shu xin is straightforward, relaxed and happy, enjoy it.

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