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          Psychologists teach you delay work actively

          Press time:2016-11-15

            Psychological takeaway: delay almost become the common fault of the modern people, "first put forwarder will then action" as the procrastinator's largest cancer, how to actively overcome procrastination?Psychologists gives a good answer.- xinli001.com
            Maryland's lawyer, Donna (white Dana Moylan Wright) were stirring in the vicious circle with - work piled up, the more she is, the less the work motivation.
            "At that moment, all my work to the delivery deadline, but I can't allow yourself to start to do anything."She said, "my anxiety has completely entered the roar of the emperor."
            One day in 2005, the 42-year-old miss white is online at sea, and the side pressure in hand what she had been thrown into outer space.She enter a search "procrastination", hoping to find the cure.However, on the contrary, she found a way to develop your this habit - "structured procrastination method" (structured inverse).

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