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          BLCU Mental Health Self-help Resources

          Press time:2017-12-20

          Here are some free self-help resources for you, hope you can find them useful~

          Consultation Organizations

          • Student Counseling Center(SCC), BLCU

          All the full-time students at BLCU can get 8 free counseling sessions each semester.

          Reservation Telephone: 010-82303324         

          Opening Hours: weekdays 8:00-11:30,14:00-17:00 

          Location: Room A303, Comprehensive Building     




          •       Clinical Psychological Center, School of Psycholoical and Cognitive Sciences Peking University (Free intern service with video recording)

          Reservation Telephone:010-62760820

          Opening Hours: weekdays 8:30–12:00, 13:00 - 18:00          

          Location:Room 102, Philosophy Building

          •       Mental Health Services Center, Beijing Normal University(Free, intern service with video recording)

          Reservation Telephone: 010-58809250; 58809004 

          Opening Hours:9:00-21:00                         

          Location:Jingshi building 2nd floor


          •   24-hour hotline

          Beijing 24-hour Crisis Support Hotline

          010-82951332(mobile phone) 


          Hope 24-hour Line(Shanghai)


          •   Non-24-hour hotline

          Peter KK Lee Care for Life Hotline for College Students


          Beijing Maple Women Hotline       


          Hospitals (no need for referral)

          Beijing Anding Hospital

          Peking University Sixth Hospital

          Beijing HuiLongGuan Hospital

          BLCU Hospital   Tuesday 8:00-11:30. Refer to the hospital notice for update. 

          • Directory of Registration system for clinical and psychological professionals and professional institutions in China Psychological Society        


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